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We All Want to be Appreciated!

If there was ever any doubt about the power of employee recognition, the recent Oscars awards made clear the incredible buzz and excitement that comes from recognising the hard work of an organisation or industry’s star players.

At a recent awards dinner we organised for a major client we saw at first hand the positive and life affirming impact of employee recognition. With prizes awarded for a wide range of positive individual and team behaviours, the prospect of an all-expenses paid ski trip for top achievers, and confetti canons to simulate snow and announce the winners of the ski trip, the evening was a huge success.

Employee recognition has long been the traditional domain of the sales department, where recognition for targets achieved is a regular and expected part of the annual sales conference.

Our long held belief however, and an element we actively support our clients in including in their conferences, is to recognise hard work from employees throughout the company. After all, targets are often included in many employee annual objectives, and are as important to recognise as the achievement of more high profile sales targets.



Outside of the Sales department, prizes for non target-based achievements also contribute to employee commitment, raise morale and mean that everyone in the company has the chance to be recognised for their own contribution.

Awards such as “Unsung Hero”, “Most Impressive Performance by a New Employee” and “Greatest Contribution to the Success of the Company” all provide opportunities to build excitement weeks before the main event as nominations are collated across departments.




On the night itself, the delivery of uplifting stories about the award winners contribute to building the company story and reinforcing the culture of a company that values their employees.

You can see from the accompanying photos the excitement and buzz that a well-planned awards evening can create. If you would like us to help you organise your own company Oscars, complete with designer frocks and ‘raspberries’ from the winners, we are always on hand to help you deliver the Oscars buzz.

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P.S.   Perhaps we should all wear a Superstar Beanie to feel well loved and appreciated…