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Saving you time & money



Saving you time and money


Our Free Venue Finding Service

Here at Image we offer our clients a free venue finding service throughout the UK and Europe.

We draw on our decades of experience to propose venues that perfectly meet your Brief. We are very flexible, so if the Brief evolves just let us know and we will revise our suggestions and match you with the perfect venue for your event.

Is it really free? Yes, it is. You benefit from our long term relationships with suppliers, so we will always be able to offer you competitive rates and better value than if you went direct. You also receive the legendary Image service and the valuable extra benefits and perks that never appear on the final bill.

How do we manage it? Well, on most occasions we will be paid a small commission by the venue for the successful introduction. How do we manage it? This comes from their marketing budget and has no impact on the price you pay.

You could of course do all the research and leg work yourself and book direct, but the vast majority of our clients find our combination of knowledge, experience and value unbeatable. If you would like to speak to some of them, let us know and we’ll put you in touch.