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As event professionals we have all slept in a great many hotel beds, in countless hotels across the world. But in how many of those did we actually get a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s sleep? Not in many, if our informal poll of Image team members and event colleagues is anything to go by!

If you’re managing an event, the chances are that you will finally get to bed in the early hours, only to have to be up again at the crack of dawn to sort out the last finishing touches before clients arrive. It is therefore essential that your hotel room is conducive to falling asleep quickly, and that the little sleep you do get is uninterrupted.

It seems however, as though the price of the hotel room or the iconic status of the hotel itself is no guarantee of a good night’s sleep. Instead, a combination of thoughtful design, good quality materials and meticulous attention to detail is what makes for a #besthotelsleep. Inevitably we all have our preferences when it comes to a hotel room. Whether we crave the indulgent opulence personified by the suites at the Burj al Arab in Dubai,

or whether the classic and elegant style of the rooms at the Grand Hotel In Brighton are more our style, we often have fairly fixed views about what makes for a good hotel room and what it needs to offer a good night’s sleep.

We think that between us we have probably distilled the essential elements of a good night’s sleep. Our modest requirements shouldn’t come as a surprise to any hotelier, but it’s amazing how often some of the elements are missing or are poorly or thoughtlessly implemented:

·        A well soundproofed room
·        A firmish mattress
·        High quality bedding and pillows
·        Adjustable lighting
·        Curtains that keep the light out
·        An alarm clock that will actually wake you up

Over on our Twitter feed https://twitter.com/EventsByImage in the next few weeks we’ll be giving a big, virtual round of applause to those event hotels where members of the team have regularly enjoyed a sound night’s sleep.

These are just a couple of the hotel rooms we will be highlighting. You may recognise some of them from your own events, but you will have to join us on the Twitter feed to see if you are right.

Some of them may surprise you, and others will have you nodding in agreement, but all our #besthotelsleep hotels have found that elusive combination that almost guarantees a sound night’s sleep time and time again.

Finally, innovation is ever present in the hotel industry, and if proof were needed that you don’t need a huge room or big prices to get a good night’s sleep, Bloc Hotels have re-imagined the concept of Japanese Pod hotels. Their new Bloc Hotels in Birmingham and at Gatwick Airport have brought it bang up to date with stylish, compact rooms at affordable prices that focus on providing a good night’s sleep.

To quote their own blurb, “Our rooms are efficient, sleek and beautifully designed. The smallest details matter. We worked with a Scandinavian Sleep Institute to ensure your room is at the optimum temperature and humidity for a peaceful night. Our sophisticated climate control system and Italian-tiled wet rooms with powerful drench showers mean guests leave us refreshed and ready for anything.” Sounds good to us!

We would love to hear from you about which hotels have consistently given you a comfortable night’s sleep. Which hotel room deserves your #besthotelsleep award?